Feral and the Ghost Skater Return!

Dave Davenport's carnal characters Feral and the Ghost Skater have returned in Stray Bullet, an all new series exploring more into the triad of Feral, Mitch and Doug's world. The characters, who first appeared in Hard to Swallow comics and earned Dave the 2015 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant in 2015, share an uncanny and supernatural connection with each other.

This new series will explore more of their world as they discover new things about themselves.

The first issue of Feral and the Ghost Skater: Stray Bullet recently had a successful debut at Prism Comics' Q Con during Pride month in Los Angeles. Now you can get the book right here in the Tannis Comix shop!

What makes this book extra special is that it's also our very first Tannis Comix publication, and we're excited to have it kick off the line of queer horror comic stories we have planned.

This first issue is 52 full-color pages featuring 2 stories with everything you'd want out of a Feral and the Ghost Skater comic: gay werewolves, skateboarding, ghostly apparitions, naughty bits and more! Plus, find out who the new wolf-boy is!

Get the first issue of Feral and the Ghost Skater: Stray Bullet here.

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