Tannis Comix is an independent comic book publisher, a collaborative effort from partners Dave Davenport and William O. Tyler to create queer horror comics, and more. We're a small two man team with unique stories to tell. At Tannis Comix, we create, produce, sell and fulfill all of our work ourselves, keeping the focus on authentic queer and marginalized points of view without censorship.

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writer / illustrator / tattoo artist

Dave Davenport

Dave Davenport has worked as a tattoo artist for over 25 years and an illustrator for over 30. His comics include co-creating the gay erotic series Hard to Swallow with Justin Hall, and writing and drawing his creator owned series Feral and the Ghost Skater, which won the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant. learn more

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writer / illustrator / editor / critic

William O. Tyler

William O. Tyler is a writer, illustrator and editor as well as an entertainment critic. His comic work includes the webcomics Anxious Ax and Cinephilia, as well as co-editing the queer comic anthologies Theater of Terror: Revenge of the Queers, Yellow is the Warmest Color, and We Belong. learn more

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