who we are:

Tannis Comix an independent comic book publisher, a collaborative effort from partners Dave Davenport and William O. Tyler to create comics, especially but not limited to horror comics, from an adult, queer and marginalized perspective.

We are both artists, storytellers and world builders in our own right, and have previously self-published through our own publishers Marginalized Publications and Carabosse Comics, respectfully. After a couple of story collaborations, including a back-up story in Feral and the Ghost Skater: DAMAGED and the story The Vulture in the anthology Theater of Terror: Revenge of the Queers, we made the decision to work more as a team to create and publish new projects together, in addition to continuing to expand on some of our earlier, individual works.

We are a small two man team with unique stories to tell. With Tannis Comix, we create, produce, sell and fulfill all of our own work ourselves, keeping the focus on authentic queer and marginalized points of view without censoring or watering down our stories.