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Artist Proofs

Artist Proofs

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As we make merch, we often get sample items and test prints to make sure everything is visually popping. These are known as artist proofs and are always very limited in number, often even one of a kind. We'll make some of these items available here.

Sometimes the proof is perfect and ends up being just like the final product, while other times changes need to be made, leaving the proof to differ slightly from the final product. Even rarer, we may decide not to make the final product at all!

Here is how the proofs currently available differ from the final products:

  • High Top Gumby T-Shirt, size: M, color: pink - larger image on shirt front
  • Metal Ball Chain Rat T-Shirt, size: L, color: black - larger image on shirt front

These items include FREE shipping! Each item sold as is.

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