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William O. Tyler

In 2004, William O. Tyler debuted his first comic, The Goth Queen Needs a Mate. Then under the pen name Lynx Delirium, he began exploring the recurring themes of love and death in his work. His other comics include Ratboy, based on the late David Paul Brown, Cinephilia, a deep dive into his love of film and how the artform moves in tandem with society, and Fairies Tell.

William is creating his new comics Siren.0 and Anxious Ax, exploring the horrors and fantasy of queer Black life, through Tannis Comix.

William's work has appeared in projects from Patrick Fillion's Class Comics, Tim Sale's Young Bottoms in Love, Tommy Roddy's Pride High and more.

William has also been the editor of several anthology projects including the short-run series Queerbait from Carabosse Comics, the queer horror anthology Theater of Terror: Revenge of the Queers from Northwest Press co-edited alongside Justin Hall, the queer erotic anthology Yellow is the Warmest Color from Trash Panda Fun Zone co-edited alongside Sonya Saturday, and the queer Black anthology We Belong from Stacked Deck Press co-edited alongside Viktor Kerney.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., William is a graduate of the Literary & Media Arts program at Duke Ellington School of the Arts and earned his degree in Visual Communications from American University, with a minor in Critical Cinema. Originally intending to become a filmmaker, his storyboarding led the way to creating comics.

In 2018, William's webcomic Cinephilia was picked up by Perception Studio to become a live-streamed, interactive movie talk show on Twitch. He hosted the show with co-host Art Vega for over 150 episodes.

As an entertainment critic, William's thoughts have been shared around the country, including on panel discussions at San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon, and LA Comic Con, among other events. He's appeared on The Whole Movie Podcast's season focusing on The Neon Demon with Jordan Crucchiola and Roxana Hadadi, on Midnight Mass with Michael Varrati and Peaches Christ, and on the websites Wealth of Geeks and Fangoria.

William has served on the screening committee for New York's queer film festival NewFest, as well as a judge at the North Bend Film Festival. As a literary judge, he has also helped to choose winners for the prestigious Lambda Literary awards as well as for the Prism Comics awards.

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