We Belong Showcases Queer Black Comic Creators

We Belong is a brand new full-color comic anthology exploring Black queer stories in the science-fiction and fantasy genres currently seeking submissions from Black queer creators who want to tell fantastic stories from the Black queer perspective.

The anthology will be curated and co-edited by comic creators Viktor T. Kerney (Strangelore) and William O. Tyler (Theater of Terror: Revenge of the Queers, Anxious Ax), and is also a joint venture between award-winning comics publisher Stacked Deck Press and Prism Comics, a nonprofit organization promoting LGBTQAIU+ comics, comics creators, and fandom.

If you are a Black queer comics creator and are interested in submitting a pitch to We Belong, visit stackeddeckpress.com for guidelines and more information.

UPDATE: Submissions are closed and the book has been successully funded on ZOOP! Thank you to everyone who pitched in. Get your copy of We Belong now from Stacked Deck Press.

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